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About us

Who we are

    INBC Global is a global event organizer, information provider and sourcing company for promotional industry head quartered in Shanghai China, we excel in creating high profile, highly targeted business-business conferences, forums, training seminars and other tailor-made services to help you establish and maintain business relations and generate new partnerships. We bridge the local and international for your continued success.

What we do

    INBC Globals products serve as a lens for the world, focusing diffuse information into practical business intelligence. We aim to be where decision-makers worldwide look first to see what happens next in their markets. This has been our mission since INBC Globals founding. The ownership of our privately held company has remained constant during the ensuing decades, as has our commitment to integrity, excellence and innovation in all we do. At present, we are mainly involved in the field for the global energy industry, including oil, natural gas, clean coal, unconventional gas, nuclear energy, renewable energy (solar, waste, biogas, biomass, geothermal, etc.) We hope that through our strength to integrate industry resources, open up the energy industry chain to provide viable and outstanding solutions to meet human quest for energy demand. We have held more than 20 International Summits in China and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand), with participants more than 3,000 people. We will be insistent in seeking international routes in the future, expand into emerging markets such as Central Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa.

    We also have a team working as sourcing group for global promotional industry especially working with US company. Our partner company Swan Promo Inc. specializing in selling promotional products in  the US. We have rich factory resources in China, and excellent sourcing expert to meet every unique need.

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